Christopher Lockwood przez wiele lat prowadził renomowane pismo Wallpaper*. Obecnie jest dyrektorem kreatywnym i wydawniczym Distill Magazine i szefem Craft London. Założył również firmę konsultingową Artful zajmującą się doradztwem dla firm o charakterze kreatywnym i designerskim.
Christopher Lockwood held senior management positions in renown magazines such as Wallpaper*, currently Creative & Publishing Director of Distill Magazine and Founder/Managing Director Craft, who set-up in London a business development consultancy for the European Creative and Design companies.
Creative Business Recipe for success WORKSHOPS
09.45-10.00 Registration & coffee
10.00-10.30 Introduction
Creating a winning combination of creative and business experience
Sales, marketing, networking, pricing and commercial know-how are as important to the success of a design business as the creative talent itself
10.30-11.45 Session 1: Creative networks
How to spread risk, reduce costs and share opportunities by working together with other creative businesses and sectors. Fashion, design, architecture, publishing and digital industries can share knowledge, resources, perspective and even buildings and clients.
11.45-12.15 Coffee & snack
12.15-13.30 Session 2: Pricing for success
Setting the right price will make or break your business. Being the cheapest doesn’t always mean you will win. How to justify higher prices and afford to deliver a better service. How to help clients to understand the value of design and brand
13.30-14.00 Q&A / Open discussion

Ekskluzywne warsztaty w małym gronie, które przekażą Ci narzędzia i zainspirują.
10:00-14:00 Piątek 26 lutego 2010
10:00-14:00 Sobota 27 lutego 2010
Cena: 280zł brutto

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